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Save -A-Lot groceries has opened a new store in Grenada MS. It is located next to the Dollar Tree on Sunset Blvd.

From the Save-A-Lot Website:

Discount Groceries for the Smart Shopper
At Save-A-Lot, we carry the quality name brand and private label groceries you need at up to 40% lower prices than conventional grocery stores. On top of that, we offer 10 for $10 sales several times throughout the year. Check your local grocery ads for the latest prices on discount groceries at a Save-A-Lot grocery store near you.

For even greater convenience, sign up for the Save-A-Lot Smart Shopper Club. You’ll get your local grocery store ads delivered by email as soon as they’re available. Plus, you can create grocery lists online, share your recipes with other shoppers, and review recipes and products.Sign up today!

How to Save Money on Groceries
Affordable grocery shopping trips are easier when you go to the grocery store prepared. Start by making your weekly or monthly meal plan. When planning your family’s menu, try thesequick and easy recipes from Save-A-Lot and Save-A-Lot shoppers. Some recipes will even feed a family of 4 for under $5!

As you decide on recipes, you can easily add the ingredients to your online shopping list. Simply print your grocery list before your next Save-A-Lot shopping trip, and see how easy it is to save money on groceries!